Rediscovering Nepal, for Nepalis



There is no place in the world as special as Nepal. At least, that is what our bideshi friends say. To us, running around Kathmandu in the sweltering summer heat, with endless work and family obligations on our minds, it might seem like a whole lot of guff.  

We started Yeti Trips to change that. It gives us immense joy to help you take a break from the rush, and truly discover the paradise in your own backyard. Our quick getaways are designed to be a special time for you to forget your cares, and let your Nepali spirit go wild.

Our special rates for Nepali families are unbeatable. Better still, they extend to any bideshi members of your family too!


Reconnect with our country, as only a Nepali can



Forget your troubles under the restful shade of the ancient trees at the Gokarna Forest Resort, beat the summer heat at the endless pool at Hotel Annapurna, recharge yourself with a quiet retreat at Hotel Shangri-La, or enjoy being the center of attention at Hotel Tibet International. Select from among our carefully chosen luxury hotels, add on any activities you want during the day, and be on your way to making some special memories of Nepal.




Explore the sites of our ancestors with our knowledgeable guides

Lose yourself in the Himalayas, our unparallelled national treasure


From the Kathmandu Valley to the Himalayan cliffs,  push yourself to the edge


We know what you are looking for when you book your trip: a high quality, reasonably priced, stress-free experience. With Yeti Trips, you can rest assured that we will book your ideal vacation with these three aims in mind. Our itineraries are carefully crafted to match the desires of your unique group, and we tailor our tours with you in mind.




We know Nepal is one of the most amazing places in the world, with its many different ethnic groups and cultures, its biodiversity,  and its beauty; after all, it’s our heritage too. We want to help you, as a nonresident Nepali, to remember enjoy the beauty of our country and appreciate our shared heritage.  


Introduce your children to the history of our ancestors with a guided tour through the main heritage sites in Kathmandu

Reconnect with our cultural roots, with visits to historic trade town Bandipur and Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha

Get a taste of the wild side and stretch your legs with a hike in one of Nepal's many gorgeous national parks


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We can save you time and money


Did you know that as a Nepali, you are entitled to discounts at many hotels?  We can get you these discounts, as well as find you other deals that you may not be able to access yourself. Don’t stress yourself out shopping around for the best deal, because we’ll do the work for you to ensure you save both time and money without sacrificing quality.


Find the best of Nepali hospitality (and the benefits of Nepali pricing) with our luxury hotel and resort packages

Renew your appreciation for Nepal's stunning Himalayan region with the spectacular views from a mountain flight


So, what are you waiting for? Take the trip of a lifetime, in our own backyard


Based in Thamel,  Zen Nepal’s professional, experienced team is committed to making your trip to Nepal a memorable one. We work hard to provide you with excellent airfares, hotel deals, and carefully tailored trips that will never be forgotten.